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Adding power to your embedded circuit is easy as 1-2-3. No longer you have to design your own regulator and provide it with a battery pack. Our VPack battery packs comes with a highly efficient voltage booster neatly mounted on the back of a ubiquitous battery holder and provides either 5V or 3.3V through a standard 100 mil 2 pin connector. Just plug it to our circuit and you have in instant regulated voltage for your circuit. Check for some cool projects using our VPacks to power their circuit.

It looks like a normal battery holder, but on its back, there is a DC-DC switch converter circuit to generate a regulated 5.0V (or 3.3V) supply. And best of all, this regulated output voltage is maintained throughout the normal life of the battery, and at more than 80% efficiency. Now you don't have to design the voltage converter on your board, just grab our VPack and off you go.

Provide an independent and stable power supply rail for microcontroller in RC applications. End the bad practice of sharing power between motors and the microcontroller.

Ideal for Arduino boards, electronics kits, embedded, USB powered devices, Wireless and RC applications.

We currently offer:
  • A single 5V output in 4 different battery pack types: single AAA, single AA, double AAA and double AA.
  • A single 3.3V output in 2 different battery pack types: single AAA, and single AA.
  • VPack PCB only, 5V output.
Other output voltages or packages, please contact us.

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